About us

We are three friends with different life paths, but also with many similar experiences, animated by the same passion for education and emotional well being. EduKIND was born from our desire to share our knowledge and experiences.

EduKIND is thought and felt as an educational space designed to inspire and offer kindness, acceptance and inclusion, which we all need to understand emotional experiences.

We perceive education as a living and complex system, through which any person (child or adult) has the opportunity to get to know himself and the world around him.

EduKIND is a physical educational space, but also a living metaphor, where we encourage an open attitude / mind,  as well as the use of various methods for self-knowledge such as:

  Psychology & Psychotherapy

  Any creative process: theater, drawing, painting, music, poetry, etc

  Kinesthetic activities (dance, yoga etc)

  Meditation, mindfulness

~ The list remains open ~

EduKIND represents one of Education Hub's main programs. The Education Hub Association was founded in January 2017 by Georgiana Dragu, Maria Popa, Adina Alexandrescu and Raluca Marinescu.

Mission of the The Education Hub Association: to develop models of good practice in education and to identify and implement sustainable solutions in order to facilitate access to quality education.

Through quality education, we understand the integration of emotional, experiential and personalized learning into the educational process.