Adina Alexandrescu

Adina is a psychologist and psychotherapist, trained in Group Psychotherapy at the Moranian Psychodrama Institute in Bucharest, as well as in Family Psychotherapy at the Romanian Association for Psychoanalysis of Family and Group Relationships at Enrique Pichon Riviere Group. With extensive experience in supporting children with developmental difficulties, Adina has been involved in many social and volunteer activities.

"My interest in education comes from the point of view of the psychologist who observes how much children want to learn, and what difficulties some of them face in the development process, as well as from the point of view of the parent who is accompanying his child daily. Children learn so naturally and spontaneously in the early years, but when their voice is not listened, this interest gradually diminishes. I think that, in a proper setting, the natural curiosity of the children can be preserved and nourished."

Georgiana Dragu

The needs of children, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to benefit from quality education and emotional support, have been getting Georgiana' attention since 2006, when she started working for nonprofit organizations in Romania and UK, such as: Save the Children Romania, PACT Foundation, Roma Education Fund Romania, Minority Rights Group International and Children's Society. During 2006-2007, Georgiana attended the School of Public Policy at University College London, graduating with a Master's Degree in Human Rights; her final thesis was focused on the right to education of Roma children in Romania. 

"Motivated by the desire to offer my child a different learning experience and by my passion to understand the complexity of human nature, I felt the need for an educational envrionment where emotional learning would not be ignored. These concerns have generated a soul project - EduKIND, a space where emotional, experiential and personalized learning is cherished and nurtured. "

Georgiana is currently attending the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program at Insight - Association for the promotion of theoretical and clinical psychoanalysis. 

Maria Popa

Maria is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, with right of free practice licensed by the College of Psychologists in Romania. With Bachelor's Degree in Sociology, before dedicating herself to Psychotherapy, Maria has gained professional experience in diverse social and cultural contexts, working both in the Central Public Administration as a Public Manager, as well as in the nonprofit sector and postgraduate education.

"As children, we know what we like to learn and what brings us joy. Throughout our school years, we are overwhelmed  by various external tendencies and influences and, often, we come to live lives that do not represent us, even if we have professions that we practice at high standards and that bring us significant social benefits. It took me 33 years to understand what I really want to offer to others and to take on a major personal and professional change. Yet, I think it's never too late to try to become what you want to be, however difficult or impossible it may seem. Every time when I accompany children or adults along the sinuous path of psycho-emotional development and try to help them know themselves better and make informed choices, I feel like living a meaningful life. "