Bogdana Fati

Psychotherapist specializing in couple therapy, family therapy and therapy for children and adolescents

For EduKIND: Mentor for Adult Workshops "Creative Me" and "Inner Me"

Bogdana's basic training is in Experiential Therapy, to which she also added  "layers" of adjacent trainings - Theraplay, Transgenerational Therapy, SPER, Metaphors of Movement, Psychodrama, and even a first coaching training course.

"I am the mother of two fairy-tale children, and once they came into the world, the configuration of my life has changed completely. I have begun to "grow" with them, rediscovering my authentic self , accepting me, challenging me and letting the changes redefine me. My profession is one of my self-modelling tools. In other words, for me the therapeutic approach is a way to look at and to relate to life. I love to understand what is happening "behind" the various masks I have displayed. "


Steluta Stoian

Psychologist and psychotherapist with Phronetik Art Therapy

Steluta was trained in Phronetik Art Therapy within the Wiener Schule fur Kunsttherapie, Vienna, through the Romanian Association of Expressive Therapies, following several specialization programs, including: "Applying art therapy in working with children and young people in risk situations "(ARTE in collaboration with the Icelandic Art Therapy Association)," Clinical evaluation of the child and adolescent with the help of projective techniques "(IRP in collaboration with the Romanian Association for Prognostic Psychology), Interactive methods and techniques of self-knowledge and personal development used in working with children and adolescents"(through the CATHARSIS Association), course" Clinical evaluation, psycho-diagnostic and intervention in child and adolescent "- organized by the Romanian Institute of Psychology.

Steluta has a rich experience in working with children, she started as a teacher of arts in public education and continued to work with numerous private kindergartens and centers in creative painting and modeling workshops. In the kindergarten  where she was co-founder, Steluta was a psycho-pedagogue, psychologist and art therapist in personal development workshops through art and in individual art-therapy sessions.