Personal development

Creative Me

"Creative Me" workshop

We propose a series of 5 personal development workshops that will take place over 5 weeks.

Each workshop offers the context to trigger your creativity and bring it into contact with your resources. With your dreams. With the blockages and fears of which force we will use to overcome them. To find a new personal configuration.

"Week of Fine Arts": we make them a place for beautiful arts and with the help of collages, paintings, stencils, modeling we will open the way to us.

"Music Week": the beginning of the road was punctuated by beautiful arts. Music will help us complete our journey of self-exaltation and give ourselves at our own pace.

"Week of Dance / Body Movement": blockages, strong emotions, anxiety, fear, distrust, sadness, anger, all these elements are kept in the body without even being aware of them. The move "will bring to the surface all these aspects that, over time, we managed to camouflage them. We will fluidize and give meaning to strong emotions.

"Creative Writing Week": Writing exercises will help us continue our self-exploration journey started in previous workshops, but even more profoundly. With creative writing, we bring a new configuration to the surface and we will attribute a different sense to our inner or outer obstacles.
"Theater / Direction Week": In this last session, we will close the sky of knowledge through the arts "playing" our own story, surprisingly, written in the penultimate workshop. We will transpose everything we want to take with us, everything that brings a new meaning and gives balance.

EduKind Mentor: Bogdana Fati (

Inner Smile

"Inner Smile" Workshop

We offer you a workshop where you will learn, how to make friends with relaxation. Through specific techniques, we begin to dilute fears, bottlenecks, strong emotions to turn them into our own allies.

In other words, you will learn how to blame yourself!

It's going to be a smile hunt. Smile the interiors.

We will learn how to "leap" over capacities stretched by our own emotions, or how to decipher the messages behind our own bottlenecks / anxieties, using relaxation and visualization techniques with which we will begin to shape a new design to turn negative patterns and Reconfigure an entire inner world.

In short, we invite you to spend an hour and a half, practicing different techniques and exercises to help us feel more relaxed, free of blockages, fears, more focused on the present experiences, more creative energy and a great Smile inside the bearer.

EduKIND Mentor: Bogdana Fati (