SEL in schools

Social and Emotional Learning programs in schools address both children and parents, as well as educators.

Adult relationships are the basis for the development of social and emotional abilities, and the parent-child relationship is the first and most important context for the development of these abilities.

At the same time, research* in the field has shown that socio-emotional learning, applied in schools, has increased children’s and young people’s academic results and chances of getting a job before 25 years old.

Socio-emotional learning abilities are just as important as math or literacy, with benefits both during school years and throughout life. The results are optimal when this process starts from a young age and continues through high school.

Developing socio-emotional skills gives children the opportunity to identify and recognize their own emotions, strengths and weaknesses, the ability to manage their own emotions and behaviors in order to achieve their personal goals in diverse situations, to develop constructive relationships, to manage conflicts effectively, to show understanding and empathy towards others, to respect ethical and social standards, and the ability to make decisions responsibly and constructively.

EduKIND proposes a series of Social an Emotional Learning workshops for the primary cycle (6-10 year-old), which can be run weekly during Personal Development classes. 

Within these workshops, we aim to use creative methods (therapeutical stories, painting, role play, etc.) based on the following themes: self-awareness, recognition and communication of emotions, identifying the emotions of others and learning some ways to respond appropriately to them, the relationship with myself and others, self-control and respect, decision-making and problem-solving.

The workshops are coordinated by specialists in Psychology, Educational Sciences, Psycho-pedagogy and Psychotherapy with training in Game Therapy and Drama-therapy and work experience in organizing socializing groups for children, including children with learning difficulties and behavioral problems.

Workshop Duration 50 min

*The Economic Value of Social and Emotional Learning, Columbia University  

The Impact of Enhancing Students’ Social and Emotional Learning: A Meta-Analysis of School-Based Universal Interventions