Our values

Any tool you might choose or whatever path you go to cultivate your emotional health, at EduKIND you will find:


In order to build healthy emotional relationships, we need to connect, that is to understand and feel the situation from the point of view of the Other. This seems the only way we can have a responsible  and compassionate feedback.


You are heard, understood and supported, regardless of the challenges you face.


We try to be ourselves, to live up to our thoughts, words and actions and we support this process for those we interact with.


To learn and to have a dynamic evolution, we need to collaborate. At EduKIND, we know that inspiration and solutions come from sharing ideas.

Lifelong Learning

We believe that learning never ends and the process of self-knowledge can give you the surprise of re-discovering yourself.


We are unique, yet different. EduKIND takes into account that each child, teenager or adult has different needs and rhythms, different styles of learning and communication.