Workshops for adults

EduKIND organizes workshops and support groups with the following topics:

– Workshop for doctors: „Psychological Aspects of Doctor – Patient Relationship” in partnership with the Romanian Association for Psychoanalysis of Family and Group Relationships „Enrique Pichon Riviere”.  Facilitators: Adina Alexandrescu, psychologist, group psychotherapist, co-founder of EduKIND and Cristina Calarusanu, psychologist, group and family psychotherapist.

– Support group (group psychotherapy) – Conscious femininity. Facilitator: Monica Daniela Gaitanaru, Jungian analyst psychotherapist, EduKIND collaborator

– Parent support group: „The emotional impact of separation / divorce on family members”

– „Creative Me” and „Inner Smile” personal development workshops. Facilitator Bogdana Fati, psychotherapist specializing in couple therapy, family therapy and child and adolescent therapy, EduKIND collaborator