Workshops for doctors

During March – July 2018, Edukind in partnership with the Romanian Association for Psychoanalysis of Family and Group Relationships „Enrique Pichon Riviere” organizes series of workshops for doctors:

Psychological aspects of doctor-patient relationship

1. Psychic Dynamics of Family Relationship in Chronic Illness of Child – 30 March 2018

2. Conflict situations and risk factors in the physician-parent relationship – April 20, 2018

3. Ways of Communication and Disturbing Factors in Parent Relations – May 25, 2018

4. Influence of different parenting typologies and family structures in the relationship with the doctor and the treatment process – June 8, 2018

5. How and with whom we talk about the disease and its implications – June 29, 2018

6. Interferences and personal echoes of professional situations – July 20, 2018


Adina Alexandrescu, psychologist, group psychotherapist, co-founder of EduKIND

Cristina Calarusanu, psychologist, group and family psychoterapist